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It has been said that my current work is the culmination of organized chaos but in truth it is simple. It's beginnings stem from the visualization of sound. Some so small to be classified as ambient noise. The daily sounds that we turn off or disregard in every day life. These sounds are then translated into colors and movement. While the process of quilting is traditional, I use a felt wall to start assembling my pieces. Using the same techniques as a painter, I assemble my fabric pieces into groups of colors and movement. Then I apply them in small section's as you would paint. While the process of achieving the final image is slow, I continue to add and remove sections until the final image is a cohesive unit.

  • Earth Series No. 21
  • Handwoven Textile Art, Earth Series #20
  • Earth Series No. 19
  • Handwoven Textile Art, Earth Series #18
  • Earth Series No. 15
  • Earth Series No. 13
  • Fine Art Quilt, Wall Art, Red Storm
  • Red Art Quilt